Return policy / guarantee / equipment loan policy
Peace Beauty Love (hereinafter referred to as PBL) offers a selective and conditional return program. The following conditions must be met in order for the product to be eligible for the return program offered by PBL :
- The product must have been originally purchased from PBL;
- The customer must provide the invoice proving the purchase of the product;
- The product must be in its original and new condition;
- The product has never been installed or used;
- The product has been in the customer's possession for less than 10 days;
- The product is still on PBL's most recent price list and has not been discontinued;
- The product was not a special order or a request only item;
- The product was not manufactured to the customer's personal specifications;
For health and safety reasons, some products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. (Such as: Gift Card, Makeup, Varnish, Cream, Panties, etc.).
Prior to any refund, products will be inspected and PBL reserves the right to reduce the refund amount as follows:
- In the event of a return not attributable to a manufacturing defect or error on the part of PBL, the latter will charge a service and handling fee (re-shelving) of 25% of the product value for products of $100.00 CAD and less and 20% for products of $100.01 CAD and more;
- In addition, a repair fee will be charged when a repair is required to restore the product to a resalable condition, similar to its original condition (time, part and service call);
Any return made by a customer who does not comply with these terms and conditions or is not in compliance with these terms and conditions will incur a handling fee of $25 per product. In addition, the customer will be required to take back the returned product and pay the shipping charges, unless the customer authorizes PBL in writing to destroy the product. Product returned due to PBL's error will be at PBL's expense.

PBL offers the possibility to order item(s) that are not part of the standard merchandise. However, a deposit equivalent to 25% of the total amount will be required at the time of the order. In the event that the customer cancels the order, PBL reserves the right to retain this deposit to cover the cost of compensation. No returns / exchanges / cancellations will be permitted as these items are on special request and are not part of the company's regular merchandise.

Offering a quality product is at the heart of PBL's priorities. PBL offers a limited warranty on certain equipment (see the equipment sheet or contact customer service to find out if the equipment has a warranty and the duration of the warranty if applicable). This warranty applies only to the original owner and the equipment must have been originally purchased from PBL;
PBL warrants the equipment to be free from defects in workmanship, parts and labor under normal use and service for a specified period of time (as set forth in the equipment data sheet) from the date of original purchase of the equipment by the original owner from PBL. The customer must provide the invoice proving the purchase of the equipment. PBL reserves the right to deny the free application of the warranty if the required documents cannot be provided or if the information is incomplete, illegible or incorrect;
Defective equipment returned during the warranty period will be, at PBL's option:
- Repaired with new or reconditioned parts;
- Replaced with similar or similar new or refurbished equipment;
Equipment returned under this warranty will be tested. If returned equipment is functioning properly, in accordance with the specifications at the time of sale, the customer will be required to pay the sum of $25 per product tested to cover the cost of testing. In addition, the customer shall take back the returned equipment and pay the transportation costs, unless the customer authorizes PBL in writing to destroy the equipment;
Transportation costs, service call charges for travel to the customer's premises, and replacement unit loaner charges are not covered by the warranty and are the responsibility of the customer. If the equipment must be shipped to the manufacturer, the customer is responsible for the return shipping charges;
No equipment (or part) repaired or replaced will extend the original warranty beyond the original warranty period, calculated from the date of original purchase of the product;
The warranty does not cover equipment that is physically damaged or non-functional due to incorrect, improper or non-compliant use, handling, assembly or installation by the customer or user;
The warranty does not cover deterioration or defects resulting from a lack of maintenance or maintenance not in accordance with the instructions, in particular, deterioration or defects resulting from intensive, unusual or incorrect use, or use under abnormal conditions;
The warranty does not cover breakage or damage caused by normal wear and tear, fault, negligence, abuse, alteration or modification of the equipment, fire, chemical or natural corrosion, flood, natural disasters or any other fortuitous event;
This warranty does not cover color changes, stains or other defects of an aesthetic nature;
PBL is not responsible for any injury or damage that may, directly or indirectly, occur to persons or property resulting from the use of this equipment. PBL is not responsible for damages resulting from failure to comply with the contents of the Instruction Manual;
PBL's entire liability is limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment at PBL's option;
PBL will not pay any compensation for any inconvenience or damage that may be caused by the inability to use the equipment, nor any expenses that may be incurred during the repair or replacement of the equipment.

As part of its warranty program, PBL may offer, at its own discretion, a loan service for certain equipment. Rental costs are not covered by the warranty and are the responsibility of the customer;
Equipment must be rented for a minimum of one week and must be returned in the same condition. A repair fee may be charged to the customer if necessary;
The cost per week for the rental is :
- 50$ per week for :
a magnifying glass, a serving table, a wax heater, a milling machine, a U.V. lamp, a Dry Heat sterilizer, a vaporozone, a stool, a vibrator, an ultra-sonic or a high-frequency;
- 75$ for :
a manicure table;
- $150 for a manicure table; $150 for..:
a chair, an electrolysis machine, an autoclave or a Lucas.
No accessories included unless otherwise specified by PBL.
Equipment loans do not include transportation costs and will be charged to the client if necessary.
A security deposit will be required to authorize the equipment loan, generally 25% of the value of the new equipment.

PBL puts all its efforts in order to have the best inventories, the best products, the greatest availability and the best prices.
We are proud to offer you more than 4500 products under more than 145 brands from more than 350 manufacturers in more than 25 different countries around the world.
Despite all our efforts, some products are out of stock, PBL offers you to keep these notes in our systems at no charge. We will contact you when the products arrive and if you still wish to receive the item, we will ship it to you free of charge if the value of the order exceeds $50.00 CAD before taxes. It will be possible for you to add products to this order at no extra cost and without shipping charges;
This free shipping policy for orders over $50.00 CAD does not apply in the case of special order items only, neither on equipment, nor on items designed and personalized for the customer. PBL reserves the right to refuse free delivery if the weight is too heavy, if the customer requests an emergency delivery that may require air freight or any other reason that may affect the profitability of the company.

PBL and its staff double-checks all orders, carefully packages to ensure safe delivery of products to your location. Your satisfaction is our success and we are committed to it. All order preparation is monitored by camera, our system compares the weight of the products ordered to the total weight of the products shipped to confirm that all products are in your package. Not to mention that all calls are recorded in order to trace any errors that may have escaped our control system.
In spite of us, it can happen that an item is defective or missing at the time of delivery. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can correct the situation with you.
Here are some conditions to be respected when returning defective products or warning that the product is missing:
- No claim will be accepted more than 5 business days following the reception of your order;
- No return of merchandise will be accepted without first obtaining a return number;
- PBL reserves the right to check all its systems before issuing a proposal to the customer (Viewing camera controls, Call monitoring, Follow up with the carrier, Evaluation of the difference in weight, Inventory calculation, Etc.);
- PBL will assume the transportation costs to correct the error if it charges the customer